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420 Gift Round-Up: Essentials for the Modern Tokeresse

Holy Mother Mary Jane, it’s almost 4/20. Wondering how this international counter-culture holiday came to be? Here’s a quick history lesson before we delve into the goods.

It all goes back to 1971. In a nutshell, five teens in California were in search of an abandoned cannabis crop they’d heard about. Self-dubbed “the Waldos”, their meeting spot was at a statue on school grounds, always at 4:20pm. This soon evolved into a code-word they used to refer to smoking cannabis. Apparently, the crop was never actually found, but the term really took off thanks to the Grateful Dead. Two of the teens were connected to the band through family members and became quite chummy. Soon after, GD caught onto the “4:20” habit, as did their fans. And that’s all she wrote.

A lot has changed since the 70s, what with legalization touching down in many areas, along with the new wave of weed culture. With that, we’re here to help you spread the good vibes with our top 5 gift picks for yourself and/or your favourite sesh buddies.


The Spring Edit Chill Box, $65 CAD

The latest Chill Box was thoughtfully curated for the “cannacurious” – in other words, consider this a premium started kit! Featuring a wide variety of toking essentials and key information on consumption, it lends to a safe and elevated cannabis experience. Inside, you’ll find: info booklets by Gossamer, ROWLL papers, crutches with a built-in grinder and rolling surface, Studio A-OK papers, 48 NRTH Blot & Roll papers, HMP organic hemp papers, Fashionably High cannabis mandala ashtray, High & Dry Mouthwatering lozenges, an Allume Magical Bud pin, and finally, a Marley Natural pipe. $130 CAD value, but you pay $65 CAD. SWEEEEET.

Shop the box here.

Pape Pack, $12 CAD

Want a sweet deal on rolling papers and tips? The Pape Pack features a diverse assortment of 6 surprise rolling essentials, from specialty filter tips, to king sized unbleached papers. We love including a combo of emerging and established brands, so this is an opportunity to play around with many options.

Shop the pack here.

Laundry Day Charlotte Pipe, $58 CAD

This is probably one of our all-time favourites. Straight out of BC, this female-run brand offers handblown high-design glass pipes for the modern woman. What’s great about Charlotte: smooth smoke, dynamic aesthetic, and you can even place it on your finger. You’ll have a ball with this piece, which successfully combines fashion and function. Highly recommend, especially for first-time pipe users.

Shop Charlotte here.

Allume Daily Grind grinder card, $18 CAD

We designed this grinder specifically for the woman who hustles on the daily. It’s the size of a credit card, and works just like a cheese grater! Made of medical-grade stainless steel with gold detailing, it arrives in a sleek sleeve. More importantly, this piece is near and dear to our hearts. 10% of sales will go to Cannabis Amnesty, an organization seeking full expungement for those with minor cannabis convictions.

Shop the card here.

Province Apothecary Incense, $16 CAD

Another brand straight out of Canada. Province Apothecary’s lavender charcoal incense smells like a fragrant lavender field in the middle of summer, lifting tension and instilling calm. Infused with organic essential oils, it brings pure aromatherapy to your space. No nasty and toxic fragrance oils here. Pro tip: elevate your 4/20 sesh by lighting the incense whilst enjoying a strain rich in linalool. Total sensory satisfaction.

Shop the incense here.

Marley Natural small case, $58 CAD

Marley Natural is all about simplicity, quality and craft. Their compact multi-purpose case is perfect for your cannabis and tools, such as a poker, papers, tips or even a small chillum. Black walnut wood adds richness, while the soft-edged form is highlighted by a slide-top structure. The case also has a silicon inner seal that allows for convenient access and maximum utility.

Shop the case here.


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