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Editor’s Picks: Top 5 Summer Cannassentials

With summer at its peak, there’s nothing better than getting baked while baking in the sun. I personally love toking outside, whether it’s in my little garden, one of Montreal’s lush parks or poolside (with a massive deli sandwich, jalapeño chips and an Arnold Palmer). Most importantly, I always have my favourite accessories from the Allume collection on hand to enhance my sunshine sesh and protect my skin.

With that, here’s my round-up of 5 key summer cannassentials. Feel free to share yours in the comments below!


Erbanna Stingray KIT

I honestly can’t say anything negative about any of Erbanna’s products! Known for its beautiful fashion-meets-function stash bags, pouches and joint holsters, each and every piece is meticulously designed for the modern toker. The Stingray KIT is everything you need and then some. The smell-proof “wallet” has ample room for your tools, and comes with a grinder card, poker, bat, silicone containers for your herb.

Shop the KIT, $49.99 CAD. 


Herb Essntls Lip Balm

This paraben-free cannabis sativa seed oil-based lip balm is a great way to keep your lips nice and hydrated throughout the day. Made with organic ingredients including peppermint, beeswax, honey and apricot kernel oil oil, Herb Essntls helps rebuild and protect your natural oil barrier. Buh-bye chapped lips!

Shop the balm, $15.50 CAD. 


John Addison Hemp Seed Oil

There are several natural alternatives when it comes to sun protection, one being hemp seed oil. It’s among the richest sources of essential fatty acids and other nutrients, like vitamin E and chlorophyll, which are potent antioxidants. As sun block, the oil provides a natural shield; it has an SPF rating of 6, but if you’d like extra protection, mix in some organic sunscreen. It also helps with cell repair to heal damaged skin.

Shop the oil, $10 CAD.


Wandering Bud x Allume Marge Chillum

Not in the mood to roll? Our exclusive limited-edition pipe created in collaboration with Wandering Bud is the perfect companion. Portable and easy to use, this green watercolour 1-hitter is handmade with non-toxic porcelain clay and painted with 22k gold lustre. The best part is, you can definitely get more than 1 hit; I usually hover around 3-5. Nicknamed after my grandma, this piece really packs a punch. Alternatively, if you prefer to roll, check out these slow-burning organic hemp papers by OCB. 

Shop the chillum, $35 CAD.


Cards Against Humanity Weed Pack Expansion

Seshing with friends? This controversial game for “horrible people” will really get the party started! I love their Weed Pack expansion, which includes 30 cannabis-themed cards. Even better: 50% of profits go to the Marijuana Policy Project. Obviously, no pot is included.

Shop the Weed Pack, $10 CAD.


If you’re looking for the whole kit ‘n caboodle, the Chill Box is always a good call! Get up to $100 CAD worth of essentials for $65 CAD. Subscription plans are now available here. And don’t forget about our new rewards program! Refer a friend and get $15 CAD in Allume cash. Learn more.

Happy chill!

Camille xox

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